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for Self-Defense celebrates
the success of the Seminars with

Grandmaster Chaka Zulu



Grandmaster Chaka Zulu has been a martial artist for nearly 60 years. With a broad background in various styles of martial arts, Grandmaster Zulu has evolved a system over many years which is now known as 'Zujitsu-Ryu' or 'Zulu's Way'.

Zujitsu is a modern, effective blending of fighting styles developed by Grandmaster Chaka Zulu for self defense and street combat.



We all had a fantastic time!

Kojukan instructors & Sempai with
Soke Zulu & Kyoshi Zosia

Cheyenne locks up Kyoshi Zosia

Soke Zulu teaches

Knife defense training

Soke Zulu controls the knife

Double the fun, double the trouble!

Kyoshi Zosia & Kyoshi Lee

We train hard, so we can play hard. Potluck & Promotion Ceremony at the park.

Craig receives Black Belt from Soke

Appreciating Shihan Greg

Honoring Kyoshi Zosia and Soke Zulu

Congratulating Craig

We are family

Love at first throw

So proud of Howard

Making new friends

Fun times & great help

Pastor Page visits from Faith Community

Teresitas who make the best food

Dave come from very far

October 17-18-19, 2008






Youth Seminar (7-12yrs)






Pot Luck Picnic at Raymond Rimkus Park



Knife Defense

Both adult seminars

All current and previous Kojukan students are welcome. Participation requires signing a separate waiver of responsibility. Pre-paid prices are only available when paid in full by 10/4/08.

 Prof. W. Lee Goodridge   8th Degree Black Belt

For more information (210) 699-DOJO / 699-3656 or (210) 362-0824 http://www.kojukan.com/

6835 Bandera Rd (Btw Grissom & Huebner ) Leon Valley TX, 78238

To learn more about the Zujitsu Federation and Grandmaster Chaka Zulu visit http://www.zujitsu.com/

The Kojukan Jujitsu School for Self Defense belongs to the Zujitsu Federation for more information on Zujitsu and Soke Chaka Zulu follow the link

Home Schedule Intructors Belt Promotion Zujitsu Events Free Intro Seminars Fort Sam Training