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Lee Goodridge began his Martial Arts training while stationed at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines in June 1968 and studied Goju Ryu under Master Marcello Umipeg, Shichidan, from 1968-1969. He attained level of Green belt, Brown tips.

He returned to the Philippines in the Spring of 1971, at which time he studied Okinawan Shorin Ryu, with Sandan Sensei Sal Bautista, under Grandmaster Latino Gonzales, Hachidan and began training in Philippine Kung Fu, Kuntaw, with Sandan Sensei Conrado Liwanag, under Grandmaster Carlito Lanada. He attained the level of First degree Brown belt, before Sensei Conrado retired from teaching in order to pursue a martial arts film career. From this time in 1971 until his change of duty assignment in 1974, he studied Budokan, with Yondan Sensei Frederico Opiana, under Grandmaster Ernesto Esquilante, Shichidan. Attained Shodan ranking.

From 1974 until his return to the Philippines in 1976, he was trained in Kuntaw with Sensei Nathaniel Coleman at Langley AFB, VA. In 1976, he was restationed in the Philippines at Clark AFB, trained in Shotokan under PKA, with Yondan Sensei Roberto Sancel, until his change of duty assignment in 1979. He attained Nidan ranking.

From 1980-1984, he trained informally at Lackland AFB with various military martial artists, most notably, Aikido with Sensei Beckwith Steiner. From 1984-1985, while stationed in Rhyad, Saudi Arabia, he studied Wado Ryu, with Yondon Sensei Jose Reyes and attained Brown belt.

In 1988-1993, while stationed at Lackland AFB, he studied with Professor Carson Hines III, both Go Sho Kai Karate as well as Sho Sho Ryu Aikibujitsu, under the World Butokukai Federation. He attained at that time, Sandan ranking in both systems. Subsequently, Lee Goodridge obtained Yondan ranking under Professor Hines prior to his retirement in 1997. His successor, Kyoshi Shawn McKeever, has since then awarded him Godan ranking.

In March 1997, during Professor Philip Chenique's initial visit to San Antonio, TX, after completion of the Atemi Ryu Jujitsu/Chendokan Aikido Seminar, he was awarded Yondan ranking, under Americas Bushido International.

In August 1998, Shihan Mohammed Al Duha awarded him an honorary Shichidan, under Professor Rafique Abdul Jabbar and the Visions International Martial Arts League, System of Yusei Ryu, Bushido Kai division.

In February 1999, Dai Shihan Lee Goodridge was awarded the rank of Shichidan by Dr.Moses Powell, Grandmaster of the Sanuces Ryu Jujitsu System.

In September 2000 Professor Lee Goodridge was nominated by Soke Chaka Zulu, Grandmaster of Zujitsu Ryu and inducted into the World Family Sokeship Council Hall of Fame as one of the Millenium Master Instructors.

In August 2006, Kyoshi Lee Goodridge received his 8th degree Black Belt from Soke Chaka Zulu under the Zujitsu-Ryu Martial Arts Federation.

In August 2008, Kyoshi Lee Goodridge was awarded the Golden Life Achievement Award for 40 years in the Martial Arts by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council for its International Hall of Fame.

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