Offering safety and survival strategies for self-protection situations

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The Essence of the Art

Zujitsu is a modern, effective blending of fighting styles developed by Grandmaster Chaka Zulu for self defense and street combat. Zujitsu is strictly self defense. There are 3 priorities in this system.

  1. Fighting multiple opponents - These days attackers come like grapes, in bunches...
  2. Fighting blind - If someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, more than likely you won't have time to turn on any lights.
  3. Gearing our fighting towards our old age - when we become 70 or 80 years old we will not have the same strength and power we had at 30 years old, but we have the ability to control and manipulate anyone if we train for it.

The Essence of the Method

By harmoniously blending with the assailantsí attack, the Jujitsuian controls aggression and uses the attackers strength, balance, or momentum against him or them. The wide range of striking, joint locking, pressure point utilization and throwing is used to incapacitate and neutralize.

The Essence of the School

The Kojukan Jujitsu School's mission is to spread the "spirit" of martial arts via the study of Jujitsu. 1. To preach harmony in the face of controversy; 2. the judicious use of force in the face of mayhem; 3. mediation in the face of controversy, and 4. to address our clients physical safety, self reliance, self esteem and self actualization needs through providing information and instructional training regarding self-defense.

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